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Arm Hair Removal

Get smooth and silky arms at Melbourne Fat and Cellulite Reduction Clinic.

Do you hide excessive arm hair with long sleeves, even during the warmer months? If so, Melbourne Fat and Cellulite Reduction Clinic has the ideal solution for you!

Get Rid of Excess Arm Hair

Excess arm hair can be embarrassing for both men and women. It’s also difficult to hide. Many hair removal methods require regular maintenance and leave sharp, coarse stubble behind that make it difficult to get close to loved ones. Shaving, waxing, and depilatory creams can also cause skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and unsightly redness. Laser hair removal improves the quality of your skin, and it’s hairfree to last a lifetime.

The Laser Hair Removal Process

At Melbourne Fat and Cellulite Reduction Clinic, we use the most advanced lasers available on the market. Diode Laser are designed to remove hair without damaging the skin. In fact, they actually improve the quality of the skin. Lasers emit wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the pigment of the hair, effectively destroying hair follicles, so they can’t grow back. Our lasers also release cooling during each pulse to minimize any discomfort and keep our clients as relaxed as possible, our clients never have to worry about arm hair again.

Arm Laser Hair Removal for Women

It’s not uncommon for women to suffer from excess, dark, or coarse arm hair, which can be embarrassing and impossible to cover during warm weather. Other hair removal methods cause sharp stubble and require constant upkeep. Arm laser hair removal is the only permanent hair removal method that improves the quality of your skin and last for lifetime.

Benefits of Arm Laser Hair Removal for Women:

    • Eliminates the stubble that shaving and waxing can leave behind.
    • Reduces the redness, irritation, or ingrown hairs that other hair removal methods cause.
    • Makes skin soft and smooth to the touch.
    • Saves you money on long-term hair removal.
    • Gives you the confidence to go sleeveless.
    • Saves time on upkeep.

Arm Laser Hair Removal for Men

Men who suffer from excess arm hair have the option of having it thinned out or removed with laser hair removal. The laser is able to thin unruly arm hair to make it more manageable, so it traps less sweat, which will reduce irritation while working out. Opting for complete removal will leave you with soft, flawless skin that lasts a lifetime.

Benefits of Arm Laser Hair Removal for Men:

    • Thins hair to make daily shaving a thing of the past.
    • Significantly reduces irritation and ingrown hairs.
    • Saves money on long-term maintenance.
    • Eliminates the stubble and razor burn that shaving cause.
    • Reduces sweating and chafing during workouts.
    • Makes muscles appear more toned and defined because they’re no longer covered by hair.
    • Saves time on upkeep.

At Melbourne Fat and Cellulite Reduction Clinic, our highly trained laser consultants will design a personalized laser hair removal package for your skin, hair type, and desired hair removal results. We offer affordable pricing. Call (03) 9663 6668 today to schedule your free consultation and treat yourself to permanent arm laser hair removal.

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