Ultrashape For Fat Reduction

UltraShape is fat removal without surgery, UltraShape is a long awaited breakthrough in body contouring. Pain-free with no downtime, UltraShape removes the fat from problem areas; reducing the body’s circumference. Many of our patients, men and women alike, have experienced frustration when trying to reduce localized areas of body fat. UltraShape destroys the fat responsible for these resistant lumps and bulges—with results that are measurable in lost centimeters and improved contours (*Results may vary). Belly fat, saddle bags, hips, love handles and buttocks can all be treated for a smoother, slimmer silhouette and enhanced self confidence.

How does it work?

UltraShape is a non-invasive procedure that selectively targets fat cells. Using patented ultrasonic technology, a focused ultrasound beam is sent into the problematic fatty area to destroy the fat cell. A highly sophisticated optical tracking guide, protects surrounding tissue and ensures that your new body contour is smooth and uniform. The fat cells that are targeted are gone for good, producing long lasting, clinically proven results. By destroying the fat cell; the body’s circumference is reduced for a slimmer body shape. *Results may vary

UltraShape provides a real alternative to people seeking to improve their body—without the risk, discomfort, and downtime of surgery. In clinical trials, three UltraShape treatments reduced body circumference, dropping one size in clothes. The full results of a treatment are evident within 28 days, *Results may vary.


• Destroy fat cells
• Improved silhouette & body contour
• Safe & non-invasive
• Comfortable ‘walk in walk out’ procedure
• Clinically proven
• Disrupted fat cells are gone
• Effective on men & women

Treatable areas

• Saddle bags
• Flanks
• Love handles
• Upper & lower abdomen
• Buttocks